The Dashboard is where you can view all the different reporting information we provide for your app. By default the income report will remain blank until you start generating revenue. If you choose the "FGL Crash Reporting" SDK when enhancing you can view your crash reports here as well.

Income Report

Below is an example of how your report will look when you start generating income. Outside of showing all income you will also be able to filter by market (Google Play, iOS, Amazon etc), package name and timeframe in days.

Pending Income:
This figure shows an estimate of how much money you are owed in total. The payouts section below will detail approximate payout dates and amounts.

This figure may fluctuate over time because it is estimated from multiple currencies (converted to USD), and some of our income reporting is from unaudited sources, so is liable to change.

Future Payouts:
These numbers display an estimate of how much you will be paid.

They may fluctuate as the payment date approaches due to exchange rate fluctuations or changes from income sources.

These payments will sometimes span multiple months due to our payout structure - some income streams from third parties take longer to process, for example some ad networks that we mediate may pay out on a NET60 agreement rather than the preferred NET30. We will always make payments to you as soon as possible after receipt of the funds from third party sources.

Account Statement:
The entries and balances below are similar to a traditional bank account statement.

Each month, we will credit the below statement with the amount of money that you are due to be paid. This will show below as green 'Income' entries. There may also be other income sources added to the statement as they happen, such as licenses or direct deals that you choose to participate in.

Payments to you via PayPal or Wire Transfer will show as blue withdrawals in this statement, with a description of how the payment was made to you (e.g. "Wire Transfer").

Withdrawals can also be logged for paid promotions or advances paid. These will have a description clearly stating what the withdrawal was for, (e.g. Paid User Acquisition).

For more information on how income is generated please check out the FAQ.

Crash Reporting

If you have chosen to use the "FGL Crash Reporting" SDK when Enhancing your app if any errors that occur will be logged and displayed in your Dashboard. You can access the reports by going to Crash Reports.